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My signature LMA Coaching Framework helps you get from where you are to
where you want to be.

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LMA Coaching Framework

I work alongside only the most committed clients who are determined and devoted to their next-level goals.

Our journey begins with a one-hour free DISCOVERY session with me. In this intensive one-hour coaching discovery session, we will unlock and create your North Star.

I will help you discover your true goals and navigate your path to achieving them.

If you are ready to start the journey to realise your ambition, book your free 1-hour Discovery Session.



Do you want to uncover your true ambition, do you want to know if you are reaching your potential. Do you want to illuminate your path to? Discover what it’s going to take to get you to where you want to be? 

Through active listening we will achieve this.


Together we will strengthen your mindset so you can navigate all obstacles or challenges that arise and enable you to achieve your goals.


Together we  set your actions which will enable you to achieve goals and reach your true potential.

The LMA Matrix is a highly effective transformational coaching process to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Our Partnership

In a powerful free one-hour LMA Coaching session, we will discover your goals and dreams by being present, using difficult questions and active listening.


In partnership, we will uncover the obstacles blocking your potential, highlight your true ambitions and find the way through your obstacles.


Together we will grow and change your mindset, creating space and stillness, enabling sustainable growth, and enhancing your courage, objectivity and purpose.


You will journey from wanting exceptional goals to creating exceptional goals to achieving exceptional goals, all within the LMA Coaching Framework.


You must be committed. This journey is not for everyone because it’s hard work, but that is the company success travels in.

Hybrid Workplace

I work with leaders and organisations who are pivoting from WFH to a Hybrid world, helping them create a prosperous environment through leadership, communication and culture.

Although every Hybrid workplace is unique several common practices or characteristics emerge — regular and honest bottom-up and top-down communication, a shared purpose and sense of vision, a humble leadership framework based on trust and purposefully adopting next-generation technology.  Decisions must be based on measurable outcomes such as increased productivity, retention of staff and customers and revenue growth. Hybrid working highlights a paradox at the heart of what makes companies agile: being simultaneously dynamic and stable.


The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

“I was completely at my wits’ end until I spoke to Ben. I knew where I wanted my next step in my career to go in my head but needed a sounding board to go through it. Ben was amazing. He listened and helped. He also came up with lots of really brilliant ideas and targets for me. I haven’t stopped typing since.
He’s really really helped me go forward and I can’t recommend him highly enough!”.

ER, TV Director

At first I was sceptical about the benefits of coaching, but I decided to try a free 2 hour discovery session with LMA.

Ben got me to reflect and challenge my perceptions through his natural curiosity and by really listening to me.  I reset my goals so, when two weeks later a new opportunity presented itself, I was ready to move forward and seize it.


“I have known Ben for over 25 years and worked with him as a client and also as a coach. He has a tremendous ability to listen and then ask the right questions in order to enable you to discover more about yourself in what ever it is you are seeking to overcome.

All of our sessions have been deeply engaging, thoughtful and motivating and I have experienced first hand the range of tools and frameworks he has to help you explore your mind and seek what is possible.

All delivered in a professional, safe and supportive environment, whether it is in person or over a video call. I would highly recommend Ben for coaching leadership as well as 1:1 coaching.”

TP. CEO/COO/MD. Marketing

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