About Me

I help exceptional people realise their potential and then set, achieve and exceed their goals

Ben Warnes Biography

Ben Warnes’ experience and expertise has led to the development of the unique LMA Coaching Framework. He partners with committed and dedicated clients to help them move forwards and achieve exceptional goals.

Ben has been questioning the status quo since starting his first business at the age of 14. Since then, he has been successfully starting and running his own businesses. For over 20 years, he has been coaching, leading teams and managing projects for successful companies and individuals on both sides of the Atlantic.

Alongside coaching, Ben runs a very successful development company with his partner Charlotte. He has completed over 150 projects. He also advises and consults for high-achieving clients on private projects.

Education and Professional Memberships

After reading Classics at St Mary’s College, Ben completed a Post-Graduate Diploma in Communications and an MBA in Leadership and Management.

Ben is a Senior Certified Professional Coach member of the ICF, the EMCC and the IOC. He is also a Chartered member of the CIOB.

I am here to guide you on your journey to achieve your dreams

I am here to serve you on your journey to achieve your dreams

About Me

My life has not been without adversity. I have experienced many challenges in life and business. I’ve worked for blue chips, led international start-ups, and founded my own businesses.

I’ve lost jobs, been fired, and struggled financially, but I also have many great success stories and have delivered and crafted fantastic returns for my investors. I have been lonely, and I have climbed to the top of the mountain. In all instances, I have been a leader and a coach.

My signature LMA Coaching Framework empowers me to be free:

  • Free to choose who I partner with
  • Free to work how and where I want
  • Free to be curious
  • Free to ask questions
  • Free to push for answers


My framework also allows my clients to be free:

  • Free to think
  • Free to find space
  • Free to explore
  • Free to be courageous
  • Free to move past their default future
  • Free for lasting success


I can help people achieve their dreams. How?

Through listening – really active listening and finding peoples true potential.

I give my clients 100% of my time in our sessions together. We journey through layers, probing for information, listening to answers and finding the real questions that need to be asked.  We are looking for insight into what they really want, the ambition behind the ambition.

The LMA Coaching big picture moves people from just thinking about their dream to creating their dream to ultimately achieving it and finding their meaningfulness.

This doesn’t all happen in a day. Each answer and each thought can make a difference. Some small and some large, but everything together accumulates into a radical shift in behaviour.

Of course, there are lightbulb moments, but as you are already a high achiever, it can be these smaller, subtler changes that are the most impactful and create the shift that leads to you becoming the highest achiever you can be.

Our Partnership

In a powerful free one-hour LMA Coaching session, we will discover your goals and dreams by being present, using difficult questions and active listening.


In partnership, we will uncover the obstacles blocking your potential, highlight your true ambitions and find the way through your obstacles.


Together we will grow and change your mindset, creating space and stillness, enabling sustainable growth, and enhancing your courage, objectivity and purpose.


You will journey from wanting exceptional goals to creating exceptional goals to achieving exceptional goals, all within the LMA Coaching Framework.


You must be committed. This journey is not for everyone because it’s hard work, but that is the company success travels in.

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