LMA Coaching

Coaching is a relationship between two people and learning is happening. It has become an accepted best practice in management development with a shift to personal, one-on-one development, not taking a prescribed path of development is also advantageous.

However coaching is expensive, in fact it is a luxury, and understanding its value is important as it must show a return on investment.  Less than 30% of coaching schemes are ever appraised in relations to Return On Investment.

Coaching does have a high value as 92% of leaders who have been coached indicate they would hire one again.  when the time is right

Coaching’s rapid growth in developing the capabilities of individuals, has produced different genres, all of which address the individuals development.  They are captured through a range of coaching fields Development, Performance, Skills, and Transformation

Value is  “the importance, worth or usefulness of something” but depending on the context can mean different things.  In business terms, it means “what buyers are willing to pay for what a firm provides them.” The true value of coaching, is not just helping the individual achieve a goal, and therefore cannot be measured through ROI efficacy surveys.

A value of coaching is the individual develops a growth mindset through the process of coaching and the intrinsic rewards this brings.  These genres cause problems calculating the value of coaching, many of the benefits are intangible and, consist of  immeasurable outcomes, for instance ,wellbeing, innovation, creativity, lucidity and improved relationships. 

Other benefits are more measurable and include increased sales, reduced levels of absenteeism, higher team morale.  Added to this the very process of trying to measure the value of coaching by setting short term goals may alter the outcome of the coaching.

A large part of good coaching practice is listening.  This is the first lever in my signature LMA Coaching Framework.  By listening to the individual, the coach is enabling the coachee the space to solve the issue themselves, the coachee believe in themselves, they learn to set goals and organise their personal resources.  The value in coaching is that it enables the individual to develop tools that can be used forever.  This is how the LMA Coaching virtuous circle works.

If you are stuck in your role wanting to make the breakthrough to the next level, if your company is not quite reaching its potential then the LMA Coaching virtuous circle  could be invaluable  in helping to unlock your mindset, helping you begin your transformational journey and support you in reaching your goals. 

Using my signature LMA Coaching Framework, you will discover your answers, achieve your goals and grow,. It will provide ongoing accountability and empowerment throughout your journey, creating impetus and space where you can be curious and reflect.

In partnership using the LMA Coaching Framework we will navigate any obstacles or challenges that arise and enable you to achieve your goals.  Whatever your unique goals are, we’ll work on removing any negative thought patterns and shattering any constraining beliefs holding you back. You will uncover what’s truly standing in the way of your ambitions and discover what it’s going to take to get you to where you want to be.

Today the question is not whether you can afford the luxury of coaching, it is whether you can afford not to invest in LMA Coaching.