Using my signature LMA Coaching Framework I can partner with clients through the levers of Listening, Mindset and Action.  By actively Listening to my clients and asking powerful questions, clients self-reflect and challenge their own perceptions, move through obstacles, leading to Mindsets being rewired and goals discovered and Actions achieved.


The LMA Coaching framework is a virtuous circle creating a continuous transformation, leading you to be the best you can be, unlocking your potential and achieving exceptional goals.  By being present to my clients through Active Listening and then employing Positive Psychology, Flow, Mindfulness you will create your own courage and find your path.

Easy things to increase Wellness Part I

At LMA Coaching, Ben Warnes has been researching some easy everyday exercisesand routines that can help you increase your wellness.

The Power of Sleep.

Amazingly sleep deprivation is measured as only sleeping 5 hours, which seems quite normal for a lot of us.
However just having one night’s bad night’s sleep leads to

being hungrier and likely to eat more later,
being more likely to have an accident on the job,
probably not looking your best or looking very approachable
your immune system is going down so you’re likely to have a cold,
you’re actually losing brain tissue.

Research shows that just by getting 7.5hr hours sleep regularly will increase your positive mood, cutting your sleep to 5.5hrs and so not having this amount of sleep will see your emotional and physical complaints skyrocket.  Having 7.5 hours sleep can also help with work and cognitive performance (Walker et Al), they trained people allowing different amounts of sleep and when the training took place around your sleep.  They found that the most gains were made after you’d slept.  A great advocation for a nap during the day!  They also found that sleep after you had trained or learnt something increased the learning and your development with the subject.

For outside of the box training, they tested people’s insights around a subject depending on when they trained during the day in relation to sleep.  Not only did the right amount of sleep increase the number of insights that people had regarding the task but it increased it over a three-fold.

Not having the right sleep for just one night does the opposite with research showing that after one night of sleep, we are more likely to get emotional and less focused and having memory problems.

Not sleeping health wise is serious too, by regularly having less than five hours of sleep, you are increasing your risk of death, decreasing your sperm count,

increasing your risk of heart disease, increasing your risk for diabetes, increasing your risk for some cancers, increasing your risk of obesity, and quadrupling your stroke risk.

For just seven days try and set yourself the task of getting 7.5 hours sleep a night and keep a few notes on how you feel each day, not only you will be amazed by the improvements you see and feel, but you family and colleagues will see the best you too.

To help you achieve this task, socially commit to this rewirement, tell your family and friends what you are trying to do, this social connection and contract will help you achieve the task.  Also below is weekly Rewirement Planner

Go on….. get some sleep, you deserve it

A year from now you will wish you had started today