Using my signature LMA Coaching Framework I can partner with clients through the levers of Listening, Mindset and Action.  By actively Listening to my clients and asking powerful questions, clients self-reflect and challenge their own perceptions, move through obstacles, leading to Mindsets being rewired and goals discovered, and Actions achieved.  

The LMA Coaching framework is a virtuous circle creating a continuous transformation, leading you to be the best you can be, unlocking your potential and achieving exceptional goals.  By being present to my clients through Active Listening and then employing Positive Psychology, Flow, Mindfulness you will create your own courage and find your path. Visit to find out more.

During a lecture I saw by Martin Seligman on Positive Psychology at Penn State University,  Martin Seligman described an easy framework to rid yourself of the “nimbus clouds.”  Everything advocated by Martin Seligman has been tested and proven to work which is great and by using Positive Psychology Interventions, your life satisfaction and meaningfulness will increase. 

It’s pretty simple, at the end of each day just note down 3 things that went well, made you happy and then describe why they went well.

So after listening to the lecture I decided to try this  exercise out for myself.   For one week I noted and described 3 things that wet well and I have to say that it has really helped me reflect and find more enjoyment in my day.  Thinking through the day, looking around my memory for the great experiences that happened during the day left me really happy as I drifted off to sleep, far better than the usual work worries about the next day.

It needs to be 3 experiences from the day in question not from months or years ago and can be as little the much you had, passing conversation with someone, it doesn’t matter, it his just 3 things you find satisfying and that went well.

In tests subjects who have tried this intervention since moths later feel more life satisfactions and less depression.  Like all Positive Psychology Interventions listing 3 positive events from the day and the feeling it gives is addictive so you want to carry on doing it.

So give it a try, it’s pretty easy to do and you’ll be amazed with the results.

Let me know how you feel at the end of the week.