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“I was completely at my wits’ end until I spoke to Ben. I knew where I wanted my next step in my career to go in my head but needed a sounding board to go through it. Ben was amazing. He listened and helped. He also came up with lots of really brilliant ideas and targets for me. I haven’t stopped typing since.
He’s really really helped me go forward and I can’t recommend him highly enough!”.

ER, TV Director

“I have known Ben for over 25 years and worked with him as a client and also as a coach. He has a tremendous ability to listen and then ask the right questions in order to enable you to discover more about yourself in what ever it is you are seeking to overcome.

All of our sessions have been deeply engaging, thoughtful and motivating and I have experienced first hand the range of tools and frameworks he has to help you explore your mind and seek what is possible.

All delivered in a professional, safe and supportive environment, whether it is in person or over a video call. I would highly recommend Ben for coaching leadership as well as 1:1 coaching.”

TP. CEO/COO/MD. Marketing

“When offered a free “chat”, how can you refuse, but when you can’t see the wood for the trees, it was with some nervousness that I went into the conversation – it is hard to admit you don’t have a life plan, or that you don’t know what drives your ambition apart from the usual – family, holidays, bills, doing a good job, etc. I really thought Ben would have trouble getting anywhere with me.

In his very affable way, we chatted about what made me tick and seamlessly, he opened my mind again to revisiting options I had previously shut down due to circumstance at that time. And so I came away inspired to move forwards in a direction I am happy about. Thank you Ben!”.

Patrick B

“With Ben and the LMA Framework, hurdles that have held me back for years have been overcome. He has a great understanding of the tempo of questions and utilises new frameworks to make me entertain new view points and perspectives.

He follows up with thought provoking homework and mind-blowing reading materials.”

KH, London

“In just the discovery session I progressed more than I had in the previous 2 years. Ben established high levels of trust immediately and his energetic style challenged my mindset and helped me grow quickly”

TK Business Owner

“Ben as my coach bought his whole self and a real presence to all our sessions. His blend of listening, humour and creativity really opened up my journey of discovery.

My fear of failure became a fear of not failing and over the year long programme my mind set and confidence grew.

His coaching and industry experience combined to serve me in finding and walking with me along my path.”

CW, Business Owner

“An inspirational coach with a superbly simple but extremely effective framework upon which the sessions and programme was based. Led by his coaching my confidence grew, I am now much more resilient and I have now embarked upon a new career.

As a partner for your journey I cannot recommend him enough.”

Matt, Small Business Owner

“After working with Ben my self-confidence and resilience levels vastly improved. Using motivational and refreshing concepts from Positive psychology as well as just listening he created a unique package just suited to my requirements.

The support levels he offered were exactly what I needed.”

JW, London

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“Working with Ben and his LMA Framework has been an incredible journey of self-discovery. His patient listening, probing questions and friendly style led to a great partnership. During and after the sessions I positively questioned and changed my mindset, set myself difficult actions and achieve unbelievable goals.

I reached goals I didn’t know I wanted when we began the process.’

Andy, Designer

“To anyone with a career transition in mind but unclear on their true North Star and struggling on their own I would recommend Ben and the LMA Coaching Framework. Within a few sessions I established with clarity what was important to me and when the opportunity appeared I was ready to move.”

Dan, Programme Manager

“My partnership with Ben has led to an incredible journey of discovery. My career and my options at the time were causing me anxiety. Ben’s active listening enabled me to seriously reflect and reprioritise. Uncertainty changed into self-confidence and a journey of self-discovery ensued. I began to visualise my ideal role and redirected my strength to creating the opportunity.”

Erik, Consultant

“Since starting my programme with Ben my relationships at work with my team have undergone a huge transformation. Using my character strengths to positively influence my relationships have empowered me and my self-confidence has grown.”

Abi, Surrey

“After initially working with me, Ben worked with my whole team, developing an overall programme my whole team and facilitated workshops. Whilst staying withing his LMA Framework he used positive concepts to create growth outcomes for the whole team and an overall impact in our company philosophy.”

AW Hants

“I had a setback in my business that threatened to derail everything. Working with his LMA Framework and Ben I developed a new perspective, a new action plan and the confidence and willpower to make it happen”

GB Lancs